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 Nativeworld Merino-Possum-Silk Jackets, sweaters, jumpers, shrugs, wraps and accessories for men and women
Practical Knitwear for the Great Outdoors
& Nativeworld
Pure New Zealand luxury merino-possum knitwear and accessories in  for men and women.

Merino-Possum Zipneck sweaters for men Maori Greenstone Koru pendant Merino Possum Accessories Pohutakawa blossom

The Warmth of Possum

Our Merino-Possum and Wool-Possum knitwear will, we hope, appeal to those of you who are looking for stylish, luxurious clothes - especially the sweaters, jumpers, zipnecks and jackets, that will take you through weekends, holidays, and after-office nights out.  Perfect all-year-round, from freezing Winters, to chill Springs, through cool Summers, and nippy Autumns.

Research has shown that the hollow nature and exceptional thermal properties of the possum fibre makes Native World possum knitwear 55% warmer than merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere!

So while these merino-possum and wool-possum sweaters, jumpers, zipnecks and wraps may be luxurious, they’re still as versatile and multi-functional as our Chocolate Fish Merino outdoor gear

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Mount Merino-Possum Zipneck Sweater Woen's Nativeworld Merino-Possum-Silk Shrugs and wraps Merino-Possum Accessories - Men Mount Merino-Possum Zipneck Sweater

Genuinely New Zealand-made knitwear

Merino-Possum, Wool-Possum and

Pure New Zealand Wool from

Manawatu Knitting Mills

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